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Ride high on fashion with our women’s tops collection and slay every look - office, date, outdoor, and nearly all of them! Summit Hut brings you a list of the best brands of ladies tops to buy high tops, fleece tops, tank tops, and even hooded shirts and sweaters. Don’t wait, just dive in to explore what suits your taste and thank us later.

Designing, testing, and sewing the apparel, tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks that get us all outside. We're all trying to live up to the free-wheeling, go-your-own-way, who-cares-what-people-think attitude of the early days. We go outside because it’s the best playground we can imagine. It’s a place to be creative, express yourself, and escape from the sameness of everyday life. We do what we do because we think this desire to get out and be wild is in everybody.

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