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Stargazing For Kids: An Introduction To Astronomy by Jonathan Poppele With an introduction to astronomy basics and a special section on constellations, this is a perfect children’s introduction to stargazing. You’ve gazed at stars. Perhaps you’ve even identified a few constellations, planets, and other distant objects. Now become a young astronomer. Learn all about outer space. Author, educator, and naturalist Jonathan Poppele presents a kids’ introduction to the night sky. The children’s book, ideal for early and middle-grade readers, conveys fascinating information for beginners. Kids gain an understanding of our atmosphere, our solar system, and deep sky objects. From there, readers are introduced to more than 30 different constellations that are important to know and easy to locate. With the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion, Perseus, and more, the constellations section serves as an identification aid and offers information about when to look, where to look, and what to look for. A season-by-season tour of the night sky provides advice to help children experience success while stargazing—with practical tips on locating each constellation. There are also fun activities for the entire family to enjoy, a wonderful way to turn stargazing into a shared hobby. The activities range from simple, like creating a “night vision” flashlight, to advanced, such as going on a camping trip.
PublisherAdventure Publications, Incorporated
Publication Date6/28/2022
Age Range6-12
  • Beginner information with tips on getting started
  • The basics of astronomy
  • Identification guide to constellations that are easy to find and important to know
  • Stargazing-related activities that the entire family can enjoy
Adventure Publications, Inc.