Summit Hut Wins Retailer of the Year Award

Dana & Jeremy Davis With the Summit Hut Retailer of the Year Trophy

Summit Hut is honored to announce it has won the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance “Retailer of the Year” award. The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is a collective of 40 independent retailers and 65 vendor partners who strive to protect and promote the experience of outdoor enthusiasts across the United States.

Summit Hut was selected by the 65 vendor partners as this year’s top retailer. This is a result of Summit Hut’s continued dedication to being a world-class retailer, providing the very best service and relationships to not only our customers and our community but our vendor and industry partners as well.

Summit Hut is truly honored by this award, as it represents our commitment to independent, local retailers. Specialty retail is not only crucial to the outdoor industry; it is also crucial to each and every one of the communities Grassroots Outdoor Alliance shops exist in. Summit Hut is tremendously proud of the work we do within the industry as well as the work we do for, and with, our community here in Tucson, Arizona.

About Summit Hut

Summit Hut is a locally owned and operated retailer specializing in hiking, camping and backpacking gear. We have been in business for over 43 years, and have two Tucson locations, Speedway at Rosemont and Wetmore Rd. at 1st Ave.

About the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is a group of 40+ independent outdoor retailers organized to serve the needs of its member operating over 70 independent specialty outdoor stores throughout North America. Grassroots is dedicated to creating benefits to its members through sharing information, fostering communication, promoting best business practices and protecting our natural environment, locally and globally.