Erem was born out of a personal love for the desert, a conviction that outdoor gear could be made to higher environmental standards, and a belief that a company can positively and forever impact people, place, and planet.



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The Xerocole is built for desert performance. The upper features ultra-breathable mesh canvas stitched to durable, 1.8 - 2.0mm thick full-grain leather. A high-traction, 70% recycled sole combined with a shock-absorbing cork footbed delivers unmatched performance for the world’s harshest terrain. 


Xerocole Expedition


Xerocole Expedition: COMING SOON!

The Xerocole Expedition is built for off-trail desert adventure. The upper features 1.8 - 2.0mm thick, full-grain leather for extreme protection and durability. The 7.25” boot height provides ankle support for heavy loads on uneven terrains while sealing out dust and debris. A high-traction, 70% recycled rubber sole and a shock-absorbing cork footbed deliver the performance and comfort needed for the world’s harshest terrain. TENCEL™ interior lining and forefoot venting provides unparalleled breathability and moisture wicking.


All Day Comfort

Erem’s shock-absorbing insole firmly cradles the foot with a contoured and molded cork footbed that promotes long-term foot health. Handmade in Portugal from rescued cork crumb, the insole is topped with just the right amount of natural latex foam for plush, all-day comfort.



The Xerocole upper is held together with stitching rather than adhesive lamination (which is the industry norm). This allows the 18oz, woven canvas and reverse, full-grain leather upper to truly breathe. The upper is loose-lined with moisture-wicking, 100% Tencel™ Lyocell to regulate foot temperature and naturally prevent odor


Durability, Longer

The Xerocole features a single-piece, rubber sole stitched to the upper to prevent delamination while enabling repairability. 1.8-2.0 mm reverse, full-grain, leather in the upper is a robust yet flexible material that provides puncture and abrasion protection on all critical wear-points.


The best part?

The Xerocole Expedition is Biocircular™


Made with only materials that have a proven, safe, and timely path back to nature, repairable through the Erem Reboot program, and able to be re-streamed into a brand new ‘tough as cactus’ footwear, the Xerocole represents the future of sustainable outdoor performance, today. 


Mission For One Million


Erem believes we should look to ecosystems thriving in hot and resource-scarce conditions for solutions to our planet's most pressing, climate-driven challenges. That’s why, to start, we’ve committed to planting 1 million prickly pear, which have huge potential in the fight against climate change, using proceeds from every product we sell.


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If you are one of the millions who ventures out into the desert each year allured by the sights, sounds, silences, and encounters waiting to be experienced, then our team of gear junkies, environmentalists, and desert rats is building Erem for you.