Environmental Values Statement

As a retailer that promotes human-powered outdoors and adventure experiences, Summit Hut understands the importance of protecting and preserving our environment. This understanding informs every aspect of our business. Here are a few of the choices we make with the goal of supporting and sustaining our environment:

  • Our stores’ energy usage has been offset by wind power since 2005.
  • We stock quality durable merchandise that lasts, reducing production and landfill waste.
  • We reward and provide incentives to our employees who choose alternative modes of transportation.
  • We have carried organic- and sustainable- fiber clothing and recycled and repurposed equipment products since early in their commercial availability.
  • Every year we donate approximately $5000 in cash and products to groups that support the environment and sustainable outdoor recreation.
  • We offset our store vehicle usage with renewable energy credits.
  • We annually offer “100 Days of Service” to outdoors organizations in the Tucson area. Through this program, our employees are paid their day’s wage to volunteer for projects such as trail building and promotion of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking.
  • We reuse packaging and shipping materials.
  • We divert many tons of waste from landfills by participating in Tucson’s recycling program for business and partnering with RISE, a Tucson nonprofit organization. RISE recycles, refurbishes, and repurposes durable equipment and provides employment and job training to disadvantaged Tucsonans.
  • We offer recycling for select synthetic clothing through Patagonia’s Common Threads program.
  • Many of our internal operations have shifted from print to electronic formats, saving tons of paper per year.
  • When a choice is available we choose recycled, repurposed, and low VOC materials and supplies.
  • We implimented a Decline a Bag program in which customers who do not take a bag with their purchase are able to donate the cost of the bag to local non-profit organization.