Leaf Storm Press New Mexico Mountains: A Natural Treasure Guide


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With over a one hundred named mountain ranges (more than Colorado), the mountains of New Mexico are much more than hiking trails and grand vistas. For example, New Mexico has more volcanoes than anywhere else in the US. Its mountains are full of geological wonders, historical dramas, colorful characters, endangered plants, rare animals and some of the oldest rocks on earth. Nowhere else but in New Mexico will you find a mountain that was once an ocean, ancient footprints of Tyrannosaurs Rex, plant species found nowhere else in the world, the second fastest mammal on earth, sightings of Big Foot, and the oldest apple trees in the US.
PublisherLeaf Storm Press
Publication Date12/4/2018
  • Here’s how the book works. First, there are a series of short, informative pieces to help readers understand mountains in general and give them a vocabulary for what’s to come.
  • Twenty mountains are featured. These mountains were chosen because they have good stories to tell and are fairly well distributed throughout the state. In this book, we refer to the mountains by three names when possible: Indigenous, Spanish, and English.
  • For each one we include the following name and location information as it applies and if it is available:
  • Indigenous name(s) of peak and mountain range
  • Spanish name(s) of peak and mountain range
  • English name (s) of peak and mountain range
  • Elevation of peak
  • Mountain Range
  • Pueblo or Reservation
  • National Forest
  • County or Counties
  • The story of each mountain is different, but generally the description of each mountain includes the following:
  • The name of the mountain peak and the mountain range
  • The geology of the mountain range
  • How the peak or mountain got its name
  • History and stories of the mountain
  • Flora and fauna of the mountain
  • Visually attractive with full color throughout, including dozens of large, vivid photographs, the book is intuitively designed to allow many different points of access, and appeal to a broad range of readers, from age 12 and up.
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