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Endurance and speed activities have come to the mountains over the last years. Mountain-biking, Speed Mountaineering and Trail Running are shaping the modern mountain experience and influence how people approach the outdoors. The experience of nature and reaching a peak are still a good reason to go outside, but Fitness and Health have become a central motivation of outdoor activities. The preparation for a certain race is not what drives people. It’s the desire to be in shape and perform in everyday life. Mountain tours have become shorter, more intense and need to fit the schedule after a day of work or family time. Long term and complex planning as in technical mountaineering rarely fit into the current lifestyle. That’s changing the expectation of people toward their equipment. The gear needs to support the need for dynamic activities and speed, flexibility is key for your personal schedule and also for the material you take to the mountains. Performance enhancing, highly functional, lightweight products with versatile usability are needed. This new target group combines apparel taken from endurance sports into their hiking outfit. Tights replace the hiking pants and trail running shoes replace heavy boots. LEKI supports this new target group with the new CROSS TRAIL line. CROSS TRAIL is not an activity, but a new category of products for every–body with the demand to move fast in the outdoors.
1 SZ
Length110-130 cm
Packed Size43 cm
Weight258 g
MaterialsAluminum HTS 6.5 Ø 16 / 14 mm
  • More Speed: The "all-wheel drive" improves traction and acceleration to make you faster uphill.
  • More Endurance: Every muscle consumes less energy per step to make you more effective for a longer time.
  • More Security: The additional ground contact improves the sense of balance over demanding terrain - especially downhill.
  • More Health: The weight distribution to the arms and legs reduces the load on the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • Sold as a pair