Hiking My Feelings: Stepping Into The Healing Power Of Nature


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Have you ever spoken unkindly to yourself? Do you even realize when you do? Are you ready to make changes but find yourself completely paralyzed by the choices in front of you? We live in a hyper-connected, “always on” world, and frankly? It's exhausting. Let’s make time to disconnect from the distractions and reconnect with yourself. Hiking My Feelings: Stepping into the Healing Power of Nature is more than a collection of trail tales - it’s a guide to aid (or begin!) your healing journey, helping you do the work to step up into the best version of yourself. Over the course of our lives, not only do we pick up our own trauma, we carry things for others - their fears, their insecurities, their expectations for how we should live our lives. So many of us are wandering through life wearing an invisible backpack full of those things, and it can be heavy. The weight of the stuff we are silently carrying is killing us slowly. We as individuals and every level of our communities are affected by trauma. When we don’t get help, unresolved trauma manifests as mental and physical disease. Join Sydney Williams as she unpacks her "trauma pack", sharing the story of how hiking helped her reconnect to, and heal, her mind and body - kicking her limiting beliefs and Type 2 Diabetes to the curb in the process.
AuthorSydney Williams
Sydney Williams