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Joshua Tree Skin Care (JTree) offers a collection of organic lip balms, healing salves and face sticks designed for those who lead an active outdoor lifestyle. Originally established in a small town outside of Joshua Tree National Park, JTree's healing salve immediately gained a loyal following among the rock climbing community. As the word spread to cyclists, runners, hikers, skiers and gymnasts, JTree added additional items to keep their customers outside, on the go and doing what they love.From its new home in Southeast Michigan, JTree's team of on-the-go climbers, cyclists, runners and skiers continues to research and develop potent herbal products that heal skin after tough workouts and protect it from the effects of harsh natural elements.
In 2010 Sum Bum created a new high quality brand of sun care products specifically for people who live and love in the sun. This brand captures the essence of the outdoor lifestyle while protecting from the harmful dangers of the sun. They are not a giant disconnected corporation. Sun Bum is a small company in Cocoa Beach, Florida that makes a serious sunscreen they can entrust to protect their very own kids spouses and friends.Sun Bum Sunscreens are tested, approved and recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. The SCF does not approve or lend its seal of approval to products that do not meet their very stringent standards. So the next time you?re in the sun, protect yourself and grow old with Sun Bum.