Frequently Asked Questions About The Saguaro


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How do you pronounce SAGUARO? How tall do saguaros grow? How much do saguaros weigh? Learn the answer to these and many other questions in Frequently Asked Questions About the Saguaro. This easy-to-read book provides brief well researched answers to the questions most asked about these giants of the Sonoran Desert. Readers will learn about the climate that best fosters saguaro growth. They’ll see how birds and other critters use saguaros for their homes. And they’ll also find fascinating information about the plant’s flowers and fruits, including the best time of year to see their magnificent bloom and how native people make the fruit into a delicious syrup. Vividly illustrated with drawings and color photography, Frequently Asked Questions About the Saguaro is a great resource on an important and beautiful cactus.
PublisherWestern National Parks Association
Western National Parks Association