Elite Hikes Of Sedona: Hiking The Best Of The Best Of Sedona


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Hiking Sedona, Arizona is one thing. ELITE Hiking is another. Elite Hiking in Sedona means that you are hiking the Best of the Best of what Sedona offers for trail hikes and that your conditioning and skill set is at its very best! We aren't claiming that this is a TOP 10, or that you have 150+ trails to hike, we are simply saying that if you want to have bragging rights to hiking the hardest trails that Sedona provides, then this guide book is exactly what you need! These hikes will bridge your skill set ranging from steep grades to StairMaster style hiking to long day hikes on narrow pathways to rock-riddled trails that can twist your ankle! With this guide book, you will not waste time hiking the trails that all the concierges or gas station attendants tell you to hike which floods the trails with hundreds of feet from sun-up to sundown. There's a reason your average folks don't hike these trails, and YOU are that reason! You are NOT average!Safety always comes first, so don't try these hikes if you are not in good cardio health and an avid hiker (not an avid walker) with a desire to crush trails and see things from above everyone else. Just keep in mind, Sedona is in Desert country and if you are not prepared with water or skin cover, then the sun will have no mercy on you and you can put yourself in harms way with dehydration! We are currently seeing over 1000 Search and Rescues happening in Sedona each year and Dehydration is a major part of that. Do not become a statistic!
Publication Date9/28/2018
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