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Black/White  -  6.5     IMS#: 585844
Black/White  -  7.5     IMS#: 585846
Black/White  -  8     IMS#: 585847
Black/White  -  9     IMS#: 585849
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The Inov-8 F-Lite 195 is radically different from all other trail running shoes. This highly breathable shoe will redefine expectations for elite runners looking for the highest levels of proprioception and the most natural foot position. Featuring a 3mm differential between the forefoot and heel and a 3mm footbed, the F-Lite™ 195 ensures that your foot remains closer to the ground in its most stable and natural position.

Check out our review of the F-Lite 195 and F-Lite 230!

If the 195 is not exactly what you are looking for you here are some other options:

If you are looking for a 0 drop shoe that will put you even closer to the ground then consider the Inov-8 Bare-XF 210.

If you want slightly more protection from the trail then consider the Inov-8 F-Lite 230 (which has a slightly higher stack height and slightly stiffer feel) or the New Balance WT110 (which adds a forefoot protection plate).

Larger sizes are available - please see the Men's F-Lite 195 and add 1.5 to the sizes on that page to get the corresponding Women's size.


  • Performance fit is precise to ensure minimal internal movement when contouring, ascending, and descending. Ideal for racing on any terrain and all off-trail activities.
  • 3mm Heel-to-toe differential is ideal for athletes with a developed natural running style, keeping the heel closer to the ground than in traditional running shoes.
  • Reinforced medial and lateral sections increases protection for climbing ropes.
  • Large contact area sole design enables good grip and stability when running or exercising.
  • ***Sizes are listed by US Women's sizing - subtract 1.5 from the women's sizes to find Inov-8s US Men's size.***


Weight:6.9 oz
Forefoot Stack Height:6mm
Heel Stack Height:9mm
Fit :Performance
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