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*Andes Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 745293
*Andes Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 745297
*Black  -  XS     IMS#: 597027
*Black  -  SM     IMS#: 597028
*Black  -  MD     IMS#: 597029
*Black  -  LG     IMS#: 597030
*Black  -  XL     IMS#: 597031
*Blue Butterfly  -  XS     IMS#: 648258
*Blue Butterfly  -  SM     IMS#: 648259
*Cobalt Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 745298

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Color: Andes Blue

Andes Blue

Color: Black


Color: Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

Color: Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue

Color: Cochineal Red W/Tailored Grey

Cochineal Red W/Tailored Grey

Color: Dark Currant

Dark Currant

Color: Feather Grey

Feather Grey

Color: Ikat Purple

Ikat Purple

Color: Jeweled Berry

Jeweled Berry

Color: Leaden Blue

Leaden Blue

Color: Light Balsamic

Light Balsamic

Color: Rossi Pink

Rossi Pink

Color: Sky


Color: Tailored Grey

Tailored Grey

Color: Tidal Teal

Tidal Teal

Color: Tobago Blue

Tobago Blue

Caption: Inside View (Sky)

Inside View (Sky)

Caption: Front View (Sky)

Front View (Sky)

Caption: Back View (Sky)

Back View (Sky)

Caption: Inside View (Andes Blue)

Inside View (Andes Blue)


The Adze Jacket does everything a soft shell should: It breathes, blocks wind and moves effortlessly, whether you're leading out from a hanging belay or scrambling the Knife Edge on Katahdin. Key is the Polartec® Windbloc® stretch-woven polyester shell, which deflects wind while breathing freely and maintaining a soft, supple hand - add to this a moisture-shedding DWR (durable water repellent) finish for a jacket that can fend off wet weather. The microgrid fleece interior traps heat, moves moisture and feels great next to your skin, allowing total versatility with short- or long-sleeved layers. Features include two reverse-coil, zippered handwarmer pockets and one internal zippered chest pocket, hook-and-loop cuff closures and a drawcord hem to seal out the elements and lock in heat.


  • Polartec® Windbloc® stretch-woven polyester soft-shell fabric, with a membrane construction and DWR (durable water repellent) finish, stops wind and resists precip
  • A warm fleece grid backer wicks moisture
  • Microfleece-lined neck and wind flap for next-to-skin comfort
  • Two harness- and pack-compatible handwarmer pockets and one internal chest pocket, all with reverse-coil zippers
  • Low-profile, hook-and-loop self-tab cuffs create a tight wrist seal
  • Drawcord hem


Material:9-oz Polartec® Windbloc® 93% polyester/7% spandex, with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish
Weight:598 g (21.1 oz)

Available SKUs

*Andes Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 745293
*Andes Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 745297
*Black  -  XS     IMS#: 597027
*Black  -  SM     IMS#: 597028
*Black  -  MD     IMS#: 597029
*Black  -  LG     IMS#: 597030
*Black  -  XL     IMS#: 597031
*Blue Butterfly  -  XS     IMS#: 648258
*Blue Butterfly  -  SM     IMS#: 648259
*Cobalt Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 745298
*Cobalt Blue  -  SM     IMS#: 745299
*Cobalt Blue  -  MD     IMS#: 745300
*Cobalt Blue  -  LG     IMS#: 745301
*Cobalt Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 745302
*Cochineal Red W/Tailored Grey  -  XS     IMS#: 745303
*Dark Currant  -  XS     IMS#: 745308
*Dark Currant  -  SM     IMS#: 745309
*Dark Currant  -  MD     IMS#: 745310
*Dark Currant  -  LG     IMS#: 745311
*Dark Currant  -  XL     IMS#: 745312
*Feather Grey  -  XS     IMS#: 745313
*Feather Grey  -  SM     IMS#: 745314
*Feather Grey  -  MD     IMS#: 745315
*Feather Grey  -  LG     IMS#: 745316
*Feather Grey  -  XL     IMS#: 745317
*Ikat Purple  -  SM     IMS#: 648264
*Ikat Purple  -  MD     IMS#: 648265
*Jeweled Berry  -  XS     IMS#: 648268
*Jeweled Berry  -  SM     IMS#: 648269
*Jeweled Berry  -  XL     IMS#: 648272
*Leaden Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 713502
*Leaden Blue  -  SM     IMS#: 713503
*Leaden Blue  -  MD     IMS#: 713504
*Leaden Blue  -  LG     IMS#: 713505
*Leaden Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 713506
*Light Balsamic  -  MD     IMS#: 597039
*Light Balsamic  -  LG     IMS#: 597040
*Light Balsamic  -  XL     IMS#: 597041
*Rossi Pink  -  XS     IMS#: 636887
*Sky  -  XS     IMS#: 597042
*Tailored Grey  -  XS     IMS#: 636892
*Tailored Grey  -  SM     IMS#: 636893
*Tailored Grey  -  MD     IMS#: 636894
*Tailored Grey  -  LG     IMS#: 636895
*Tailored Grey  -  XL     IMS#: 636896
*Tidal Teal  -  XS     IMS#: 648273
*Tobago Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 713507

* May take 2 business days before shipping.

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