CW-X: Ventilator Compression Support Socks

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Color: Black


Caption: Compression Support Sock Sizing

Compression Support Sock Sizing


For the warm weather athlete, CW-X's Ventilator Compression Socks offer added support, accelerated recovery and the cooling of mesh venting in key perspiration zones. The patented built-in CW-X Support Web™ supports the calf and arch of the foot, and stabilizes the ankle joint for reduced fatigue. Variable compression increases circulation in the feet and lower legs and reduces lactic acid buildup. You can recover faster after exercise and your legs and feet will feel fresher the next day.


  • Anatomical Toe Design - Non-restricting toe box allows for increased functionality and movement
  • Compression and Support - Taping supports the calf muscle and ankle, gradual compression aids recovery
  • Arch support- Taping stabilizes and supports the arch of the foot, reducing fatigue
  • Mesh venting in key perspiration zones
  • Moister-wicking


Fabric:60% polyester/ 11% cotton/ 10% acrylic/ 10% nylon/ 9% polyurethane 4-way stretch fabric improves circulation
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