Sea to Summit: Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho

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Color: Lime


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Caption: Shelter Mode (Blue)

Shelter Mode (Blue)

Caption: A-fram Shelter Mode (Blue)

A-fram Shelter Mode (Blue)


Sea to Summit now makes their all-in-one raincoat/ pack cover/ groundsheet/ tarp with 15D Ultra-Sil® Nano fabric! They've managed to shave off 3 ounces of weight and reduce the packed size by 30% when compared with the 30D Ultra-Sil® predecessor. This poncho is ideal for temperate climates or as an emergency shelter.


  • Waterproof seams- double stitched and tape sealed
  • Guy attachment points on corners so that it can convert to a two-person shelter
  • Sides snap together for rain protection when worn as a poncho
  • Siliconized outer surface won't wet out
  • Accommodates a large pack
  • Drawcord raises rear hem when not used with a pack
  • At 8.1 oz it's nearly 30% lighter than the 30D version


Material:15D Ultra-Sil® Nano fabric
Weight:8.1 oz/ 230 g
Size:57 x 104 in/ 145 x 264 cm
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