Sea to Summit: Trek &Travel Liquid Soaps

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Our Price: $3.95

Laundry Wash      IMS#: 351042
Hand Sanitizer      IMS#: 351038
Shaving Cream      IMS#: 351041
Shampoo With Conditioner      IMS#: 351040
Body Wash      IMS#: 351039

Color: Laundry Wash

Laundry Wash

Color: Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Color: Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

Color: Shampoo With Conditioner

Shampoo With Conditioner

Color: Body Wash

Body Wash


Fitting easily into cabin baggage or expedition pack, our new Trek & Travel liquid soaps will spruce up everything from hair to body to clothes. The made-to-travel, leak-proof bottle is airline friendly and the phosphate-free formula is environmentally friendly.


  • Super concentrated formula
  • Biodegradable, phosphate and Paraben-free
  • Light Green Tea fragrance
  • TSA Carry-on compliant
  • Tough bottle with a tight sealing lid so it’s safe in your luggage or pack
  • Comes in five types: Body Wash, Conditioning Shampoo, Hand Sanitizer, Laundry Wash and Shaving Cream


Volume:3 fl oz
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