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[$20.00] - Black  -       IMS#: 459880
[$20.00] - Black Sierra  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 703123
[$20.00] - Blue Twilight  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 703124
[$20.00] - Dragonfly Sierra  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 703125
[$13.50] - Fuchsia Bali  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 671097
[$20.00] - Pinkberry Sierra  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 703126
[$10.00] - Pumpkin Appaloosa  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 562442
*[$20.00] - Wild Lime  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 703128
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Color: Black


Color: Black Sierra

Black Sierra

Color: Blue Twilight

Blue Twilight

Color: Dragonfly Sierra

Dragonfly Sierra

Color: Fuchsia Bali

Fuchsia Bali

Color: Pinkberry Sierra

Pinkberry Sierra

Color: Pumpkin Appaloosa

Pumpkin Appaloosa

Color: Wild Lime

Wild Lime


Enter and exit class with a minimum of fuss when your yoga mat is bag free. The Tote Mat Holder from PrAna offers shoulder cushioning and velcro closure. Constructed of Veeda performance fabric, it can double as a yoga strap for those looking to improve form and flexibility.


  • Micropoly backing and cushioned shoulder strap for comfort
  • Doubles as yoga strap
  • Velcro closure
  • Made in the USA


Fabric:45% Recycled Polyester/45% Polyester/10% Spandex
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