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2nd Kelsey      IMS#: 338042


This book includes the Blue John Canyon which is featured in the movie 127 Hours, the story about Aron Ralston and his experience.

The Colorado Plateau is a large physiographic region covering roughly the southeastern half of Utah, the northern half of Arizona, the western fifth of Colorado and a small area in the northwestern corner of New Mexico. It basically includes the middle third of the Colorado River drainage. Almost all the canyons in this book are in Utah but with a few --some of the best, in northern Arizona near the town of Page and on Navajo Nation lands.

This is a technical slot canyon guide the the Colorado Plateau. As defined here, Technical Slot means a very narrow canyon often a meter wide or less, usually requireing ropes & rappelling, and/or high-stemming and difficult up/down climbing to get all the way through.


  • Author: Michael Kelsey


Paperback:336 pages
Date Published:July 24, 2008
Dimensions:8.9 x 5.9 x 0.6 in
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