Snow Peak: Single Wall Titanium Cup

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Our Price: $29.95 to $35.95

[$35.95] - Blue  -  450     IMS#: 675216
[$35.95] - Green  -  450     IMS#: 675217
[$29.95] - Titanium  -  450     IMS#: 76252
[$34.95] - Titanium  -  600     IMS#: 76253

Color: Blue


Color: Green


Color: Titanium


Color: Titanium




The Single Wall Titatium Cup from Snow Peak is made of light weight titanium, allowing you to keep your pack weight low while still enjoying your favorite beverage.


  • The 600 stows the GigaPower stove and a small fuel canister.
  • The single wall cup may be heated over a flame.
  • Holds 14 ounces of liquid and weighs only 2.4 ounces.
  • Folding handles make it perfect for backpacking or camping.
  • Colored with an electric ionization process which chemically bonds to the titanium.
  • Safely coated and vibrant mug.
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Weight:450 - 2.4 oz
600 - 2.8 oz
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