Imlay Canyon Gear: Scuttle Butt 3

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Black      IMS#: 679750
Purple      IMS#: 679751

Color: Black


Color: Purple



Canyoneering involves a lot of sliding, scraping and general thrashing – which ends up with a lot of scraping and thrashing of the gear and clothing upon which that sliding is done. The harness the shorts, the wetsuit – they all get destroyed on a regular basis. The ScuttleButt 3 takes a piece of heavy, durable PVC laminate and imposes it between your derriere and the rock. Scrape up the ScuttleButt, not your shorts!

The ScuttleButt 3 works with adjustable-leg-loop harness with leg loops that open completely. Sleeves allow the leg loops to be slid into place. A gap in the sewing allows the holdup strap to be pulled through and used like regular. At the waist, a larger sleeve allows the waistbelt to be slid into place, with a gap in the middle for the back haul loops and holdup straps. The waistbelt sleeve is big enough that most gear loops can be folded back, but the stiffest gear loops might need to be cut off. If needed, the PVC can be trimmed with scissors.


  • For the ScuttleButt to work, the leg loops of your harness must open fully, so they can be pulled through the sleeves. The Bod Harness and Alpine Bod Harness are not ScuttleButt compatible.
  • The ScuttleButt can be easily repaired or patched in most cases.


Fabric:Medium-weight PVC boat fabric
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