Energizer: Rechargeable

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2 Pack AA      IMS#: 146838
2 Pack AAA      IMS#: 146837

Color: 2 Pack AA

2 Pack AA

Color: 2 Pack AAA

2 Pack AAA


The Energizer Rechargeable are designed for high-drain devices like digital cameras, PDAs, portable CD players, etc. Advanced, high-energy, NiMH technology takes up to 1,000 charges, more power than standard rechargeable alkaline or NiCd batteries


  • Hold a charge for up to 6 months
  • Can be recharged 100s of times
  • Last up to 4 times longer in digital cameras versus leading ordinary alkaline (varies by device and usage)
  • Provide long lasting rechargeable battery power
  • Highly recommended for high drain or frequently used devices — ones that you use more than once a week — such as digital cameras, MP3 players, CD players, two-way radios, remote control cars, handheld games, photoflash and GPS equipment
  • Also recommended for toys, infant devices and PDA's
  • Not recommended for remote controls, radios and medical & safety devices such as smoke detectors (for those, use Alkaline batteries, like Energizer® Max®)
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