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Almond Crunch      IMS#: 755226
Arts Original      IMS#: 462167
Chocolate Coconut      IMS#: 715195
Oatmeal Raisin      IMS#: 715192
Superberry & Greens      IMS#: 715191

Color: Almond Crunch

Almond Crunch

Color: Arts Original

Arts Original

Color: Chocolate Coconut

Chocolate Coconut

Color: Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Raisin

Color: Superberry & Greens

Superberry & Greens

Caption: Superfood Slam Nutrition Label

Superfood Slam Nutrition Label

Caption: Art's Original Nutrition Label

Art's Original Nutrition Label

Caption: Koka Moka Nutrition Label

Koka Moka Nutrition Label

Caption: Kettle Corn Nutrition Label

Kettle Corn Nutrition Label

Caption: Cherry Pretzel Nutrition Label

Cherry Pretzel Nutrition Label

Caption: Whole Berry Blast Nutrition Label

Whole Berry Blast Nutrition Label

Caption: Old School PB&J Label

Old School PB&J Label


PROBAR shows that you do not have to sacrifice taste to have a healthy and natural meal replacement bar. The 15 whole foods found in the PROBAR formula is the reason your hunger is curbed for hours after eating. Nothing beats whole foods for providing broad-spectrum nutrition. Chemically derived vitamins, found in other bars, do not supply everything found in whole foods. Nutrition science is consistently uncovering more and more components in our foods that are critical for good health. The 15 whole foods guaranteed in each Collection are also about 70% raw. This means you get optimal nutrient quality, undestroyed by processing. This nutrition simply cannot be duplicated with any existing technology.


  • Gourmet meal replacement
  • Balanced blend of carbs, good fats and protein
  • Certified Organic, 100% Vegan
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