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[$5.95] - Bite Valve Cover      IMS#: 279306
[$12.95] - Cleaning Kit      IMS#: 279309
[$2.95] - Closure Cap      IMS#: 12563
[$12.95] - Drink Tube Kit      IMS#: 279305
[$4.95] - Lapel Clip      IMS#: 44334
[$2.95] - Push-Pull Cap      IMS#: 279307
[$19.95] - Quick-Disconnect Kit      IMS#: 279308
[$5.95] - Shut Off Valve      IMS#: 133981
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Color: Bite Valve Cover

Bite Valve Cover

Color: Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit

Color: Closure Cap

Closure Cap

Color: Drink Tube Kit

Drink Tube Kit

Color: Lapel Clip

Lapel Clip

Color: Push-Pull Cap

Push-Pull Cap

Color: Quick-Disconnect Kit

Quick-Disconnect Kit

Color: Shut Off Valve

Shut Off Valve


All of these great Platy Accessories work to make your Platypus water container even more convenient.


  • Big Zip™ Tube Kit: REplacment tube for the Big Zip™ with male Quick disconect fitting, Hyperflow™ bite valve and shut off valve
  • Bite Valve and Drink Tube Insulator: Prevents freeze-ups in cold weather and keeps liquid cool in warm weather
  • Bite Valve Cover: Compatible with our Shutoff Valve, this molded bite valve cover is designed to fit the HyperFlow Bite Valve to keep it clean, insulated, and ready to use
  • Cleaning Kit: Includes a tube and reservoir brush to clean all Platypus hydration systems and bottles
  • Closure Cap: A secure replacement cap that won’t leak inside packs
  • Drink Tube Kit: Turn any Platy Bottle or CleanStream Gravity Filter System clean reservoir into a custom hydration system. Now includes a tri-layer taste-free tube, as well as a HyperFlow Bite Valve, lapel clip, and easy-to-attach screw cap
  • Lapel Clip: This lightweight plastic clip keeps drinking tubes handy and attaches easily to a collar or pack strap
  • Platy Patch: Six self-adhesive repair patches for repairing accidental punctures
  • Push-Pull Cap: Replacement cap for quick and easy drinking. Fits all Platy spouts
  • Quick-Disconnect Kit: Includes an auto shutoff valve that stops the flow when it’s disconnected. Fits any ¼ inch inner diameter of tubing
  • Shutoff Valve: A great upgrade that not only prevents spills- just twist the collar to open or close- but also features a convenient 90-degree angle and high flow rate for fast and easy hands-free hydration
  • Squirt Cap: Fits all Platypus bottles, gushes a stream of refreshement when bottle is squeezed
  • Drinking Tube Insulator: This insulated neoprene sleeve keeps water from freezing in your hydration system's drink tube in cold weather; attaches to pack shoulder strap
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