Trango®: Neoclassic Carabiner

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Our Price: $7.50

Straight      IMS#: 372558


The Neo Classic Carabiner line from Trango is a great bargain in a notchless design. Use these and you'll never again get hung up on the edge of a bolt hanger or sling. Makes dealing with anchor setups and belay loops simple and quick. The Neo Classic Screwlock is a lightweight notchless locker that is great for your shoulder runners, harness backup and anywhere you want that bit of extra security.


  • Light weight and time tested design


Weight:Bent - 47 g
Screw Lock - 55 g
Straight - 47 g
Closed Gate Strength:24 kN
Open Gate Strength:7 kN
Minor Axis Strength:8 kN
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