Buff: National Geographic Buff

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Bless  -       IMS#: 504766
Everest  -       IMS#: 504769
Ng Nagar  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 638501
Ng Parrot  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 638502
Ng Sitting  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 638503
Ng Stupa  -  1 SZ     IMS#: 638504
Temple  -       IMS#: 299534

Color: Bless


Color: Everest


Color: Ng Nagar

Ng Nagar

Color: Ng Parrot

Ng Parrot

Color: Ng Sitting

Ng Sitting

Color: Ng Stupa

Ng Stupa

Color: Temple


Caption: Wearing Options

Wearing Options


Buff takes you to the top of the world in its exclusive National Geographic collection. From the highest mountains on Earth to the plains of Africa. Never stop exploring!


  • Perfect for a wide range of sports and casual wear
  • Seam-Free
  • Elastic and retains its original shape
  • One size fits most adults
  • Machine washable and no need to iron
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