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Black      IMS#: 691268
Blue      IMS#: 691269
Green      IMS#: 691270
White      IMS#: 691271

Color: Black


Color: Blue


Color: Green


Color: White


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Alternate View (White)

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Top View (White)

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In Use (White)


The Pillid is one of those accessories that makes you think to yourself, "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?" Pillid screws onto the top of a 63mm Nalgene bottle, like their best selling 32oz wide mouth, and can hold small items like pills, or a gym key. It's like having an extra pocket, or secret compartment.


  • Holds medication, vitamins, supplements, keys, jewelry, cash, protein powder, a small snack, gum and other essentials.
  • LeakProof
  • Fits Nalgene 63mm bottles, like our 32oz wide mouth
  • Manufactured in the USA from polypropylene
  • BPA Free
  • Stackable for even more storage


Includes:2 dividers
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