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The Multimat by Exped is a highly versatile mat for uses from picnicking to vestibule lining. EVA foam is waterproof and adds insulation between you and the ground; ripstop fabric is long lasting and durable, with one smooth side for added comfort.


  • The MultiMat is made of 2 mm EVA (Ethyl-Vinyl-Azetat) foam and one side is backed by fast drying ripstop nylon.
  • Waterproof, warm and tough while providing insulation against surface moisture, cold and stones.
  • Also works as a carpet in your tent‘s vestibule, canopy or beneath your tarp.
  • Folded lengthwise it forms a lightweight, closed cell pad for summer nights.
  • Insulation and comfort can be increased by stuffing with clothing, foliage or your pack.
  • EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetat) has been used for years and is considered to be one of the toughest closed cell foams for outdoor use.


Weight:Mat - 11 oz
Pack Sack - 1 oz
Dimensions:79 x 39 x 0.1 in
Packed Dimensions:20 x 5 in
Temperature Rating:+46 F
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