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*Andb Andes Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 745464
*Andb Andes Blue  -  SM     IMS#: 745465
*Andb Andes Blue  -  MD     IMS#: 745466
*Andb Andes Blue  -  LG     IMS#: 745467
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 745468
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XXL     IMS#: 745469
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XS     IMS#: 745470
*Cny Classic Navy  -  SM     IMS#: 745471
*Cny Classic Navy  -  MD     IMS#: 745472
*Cny Classic Navy  -  LG     IMS#: 745473

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Color: Andb Andes Blue

Andb Andes Blue

Color: Cny Classic Navy

Cny Classic Navy

Color: Cny Classic Navy

Cny Classic Navy

Color: Cocr Cochineal Red

Cocr Cochineal Red

Color: Cpor Copper Ore

Cpor Copper Ore

Color: Mlcg Malachite Green

Mlcg Malachite Green

Color: Vdgs Verdigris

Vdgs Verdigris

Color: Elkh El Cap Khaki

Elkh El Cap Khaki

Color: Eto Eclectic Orange

Eto Eclectic Orange

Color: Fea Feather Grey

Fea Feather Grey

Color: Flgn Folios Green

Flgn Folios Green

Color: Glsb Glass Blue

Glsb Glass Blue

Color: Smkg Smoked Green

Smkg Smoked Green

Color: [Gss Green Super Sonic]

[Gss Green Super Sonic]

Color: [Pur Purple]

[Pur Purple]

Color: [Vik Viking Blue]

[Vik Viking Blue]

Color: Blk Black

Blk Black

Color: Dee Deep Space

Dee Deep Space

Color: Fge Forge Grey

Fge Forge Grey

Color: Rds Red Delicious

Rds Red Delicious

Caption: Open View (Glass Blue)

 Open View (Glass Blue)

Caption: Pit Zip Detail (Glass Blue)

Pit Zip Detail (Glass Blue)

Caption: Front On Model (Glass Blue)

Front On Model (Glass Blue)

Caption: Back On Model (Glass Blue)

Back On Model (Glass Blue)


Pared-down and packable, Patagonia's Torrentshell Jacket is an H2No® Performance Standard 2.5-layer nylon waterproof/breathable hard shell rain jacket for seriously wet weather.


  • H2No® Performance Standard shell with waterproof/breathable 2.5-layer nylon ripstop repels moisture
  • 2-way-adjustable hood with a laminated visor rolls down and stows
  • Microfleece-lined neck provides comfort and protects waterproof/breathable barrier
  • Center-front zipper features minimal welt exterior and interior storm flaps that create a zipper-garage chin guard
  • Pockets: two zippered handwarmers and venting pit zips, all with welted exterior storm flaps and DWR-treated zippers
  • Self-fabric hook-and-loop cuff closures and adjustable drawcord hem seal out moisture
  • Stows in self-stuff handwarmer pocket with carabiner clip-in loop; Re-engineered pattern for improved fit


Weight:345 g (12.2 oz)
Fabric:H2No® Performance Standard shell: 2.5-layer, 2.6-oz 50-denier 100% nylon ripstop with a waterproof/breathable barrier and a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellent) finish

Available SKUs

*Andb Andes Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 745464
*Andb Andes Blue  -  SM     IMS#: 745465
*Andb Andes Blue  -  MD     IMS#: 745466
*Andb Andes Blue  -  LG     IMS#: 745467
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 745468
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XXL     IMS#: 745469
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XS     IMS#: 745470
*Cny Classic Navy  -  SM     IMS#: 745471
*Cny Classic Navy  -  MD     IMS#: 745472
*Cny Classic Navy  -  LG     IMS#: 745473
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XL     IMS#: 745474
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XS     IMS#: 745476
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  MD     IMS#: 745478
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  LG     IMS#: 745479
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XL     IMS#: 745480
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XXL     IMS#: 745481
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  XS     IMS#: 745482
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  SM     IMS#: 745483
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  MD     IMS#: 745484
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  LG     IMS#: 745485
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  XL     IMS#: 745486
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  XS     IMS#: 745488
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  SM     IMS#: 745489
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  MD     IMS#: 745490
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  LG     IMS#: 745491
*Vdgs Verdigris  -  XS     IMS#: 745494
*Vdgs Verdigris  -  SM     IMS#: 745495
*Vdgs Verdigris  -  MD     IMS#: 745496
*Vdgs Verdigris  -  LG     IMS#: 745497
*Vdgs Verdigris  -  XL     IMS#: 745498
*Elkh El Cap Khaki  -  XS     IMS#: 713563
*Elkh El Cap Khaki  -  SM     IMS#: 713564
*Elkh El Cap Khaki  -  MD     IMS#: 713565
*Elkh El Cap Khaki  -  LG     IMS#: 713566
*Elkh El Cap Khaki  -  XL     IMS#: 713567
*Elkh El Cap Khaki  -  XXL     IMS#: 713568
*Eto Eclectic Orange  -  XXL     IMS#: 713574
*Fea Feather Grey  -  XS     IMS#: 713575
*Fea Feather Grey  -  SM     IMS#: 713576
*Fea Feather Grey  -  MD     IMS#: 713577
*Fea Feather Grey  -  LG     IMS#: 713578
*Fea Feather Grey  -  XL     IMS#: 713579
*Fea Feather Grey  -  XXL     IMS#: 713580
*Flgn Folios Green  -  MD     IMS#: 713583
*Flgn Folios Green  -  LG     IMS#: 713584
*Flgn Folios Green  -  XL     IMS#: 713585
*Flgn Folios Green  -  XXL     IMS#: 713586
*Glsb Glass Blue  -  XXL     IMS#: 713592
*Smkg Smoked Green  -  XXL     IMS#: 713598
*[Gss Green Super Sonic]  -  MD     IMS#: 648662
*[Gss Green Super Sonic]  -  LG     IMS#: 648663
*[Gss Green Super Sonic]  -  XL     IMS#: 648664
*[Gss Green Super Sonic]  -  XXL     IMS#: 648665
*[Pur Purple]  -  SM     IMS#: 648667
*[Pur Purple]  -  MD     IMS#: 648668
*[Pur Purple]  -  LG     IMS#: 648669
*[Pur Purple]  -  XL     IMS#: 648670
*[Pur Purple]  -  XXL     IMS#: 648671
*[Vik Viking Blue]  -  XS     IMS#: 648684
*[Vik Viking Blue]  -  SM     IMS#: 648685
*[Vik Viking Blue]  -  MD     IMS#: 648686
*[Vik Viking Blue]  -  LG     IMS#: 648687
*[Vik Viking Blue]  -  XL     IMS#: 648688
*[Vik Viking Blue]  -  XXL     IMS#: 648689
*Blk Black  -  XS     IMS#: 636959
*Blk Black  -  SM     IMS#: 636960
*Blk Black  -  MD     IMS#: 636961
*Dee Deep Space  -  XL     IMS#: 636981
*Fge Forge Grey  -  XS     IMS#: 636989
*Fge Forge Grey  -  SM     IMS#: 636990
*Fge Forge Grey  -  MD     IMS#: 636991
*Fge Forge Grey  -  LG     IMS#: 636992
*Rds Red Delicious  -  MD     IMS#: 637003
*Rds Red Delicious  -  LG     IMS#: 637004
*Rds Red Delicious  -  XL     IMS#: 637005
*Rds Red Delicious  -  XXL     IMS#: 637006

* May take 2 business days before shipping.

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