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*Andb Andes Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 736928
*Andb Andes Blue  -  SM     IMS#: 736929
*Andb Andes Blue  -  MD     IMS#: 736930
*Andb Andes Blue  -  LG     IMS#: 736931
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 736932
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XXL     IMS#: 736933
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XS     IMS#: 736934
*Cny Classic Navy  -  SM     IMS#: 736935
*Cny Classic Navy  -  MD     IMS#: 736936
*Cny Classic Navy  -  LG     IMS#: 736937

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Color: Andb Andes Blue

Andb Andes Blue

Color: Cny Classic Navy

Cny Classic Navy

Color: Cocr Cochineal Red

Cocr Cochineal Red

Color: Tmbg Tumble Green

Tmbg Tumble Green

Color: Tmpl Tempest Purple

Tmpl Tempest Purple

Color: Flgn Folios Green

Flgn Folios Green

Color: Wax Wax Red

Wax Wax Red

Color: [Blk Black]

[Blk Black]

Color: [Eto Eclectic Orange]

[Eto Eclectic Orange]

Color: [Fge Forge Grey]

[Fge Forge Grey]

Color: [Gny Graphite Navy]

[Gny Graphite Navy]

Color: [Pur Purple]

[Pur Purple]

Color: [Sdb Suede Brown]

[Sdb Suede Brown]

Color: [Vik Viking Blue]

[Vik Viking Blue]


More technical than ever, Patagonia's R2® Jacket is made of breathable, compressible, stretchy, high-loft Regulator® fleece, providing superior lightweight insulation under a shell.


  • Slim fit
  • The R2® Jacket’s directionally knit Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabric is breathable, compressible, wicks moisture and dries quickly, with a superior warmth-to-weight ratio
  • R1® Polartec® Power Dry® high/low grid on side panels, underarms and lower torso for improved fit, shape retention and abrasion resistance
  • A re-engineered pattern offers a refined technical fit, reduced underarm lift, and offset seams for comfort under outerwear and packs
  • Center-front zipper has Sonic/Stitch seam construction to reduce bulk and improve suppleness; with a soft, kissing-welt zipper garage at chin for next-to-skin comfort
  • Discreet, on-seam thumb loops provide added coverage
  • One left chest pocket and two high-hand pockets have Slim Zip installs, clean finished zipper garages, and are harness- and pack-compatible; two internal drop-in mesh pockets


Weight:391 g (13.8 oz)
Fabric:Body: 6.1-oz Polartec® Thermal Pro® 97% polyester (63% recycled)/3% spandex
Side panels: 6.8-oz Polartec Power Dry® 93% polyester (41% recycled)/7% spandex

Available SKUs

*Andb Andes Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 736928
*Andb Andes Blue  -  SM     IMS#: 736929
*Andb Andes Blue  -  MD     IMS#: 736930
*Andb Andes Blue  -  LG     IMS#: 736931
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XL     IMS#: 736932
*Andb Andes Blue  -  XXL     IMS#: 736933
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XS     IMS#: 736934
*Cny Classic Navy  -  SM     IMS#: 736935
*Cny Classic Navy  -  MD     IMS#: 736936
*Cny Classic Navy  -  LG     IMS#: 736937
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XL     IMS#: 736938
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XXL     IMS#: 736939
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XS     IMS#: 736940
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  SM     IMS#: 736941
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  MD     IMS#: 736942
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  LG     IMS#: 736943
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XL     IMS#: 736944
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XXL     IMS#: 736945
*Tmbg Tumble Green  -  XS     IMS#: 736946
*Tmbg Tumble Green  -  SM     IMS#: 736947
*Tmbg Tumble Green  -  MD     IMS#: 736948
*Tmbg Tumble Green  -  XL     IMS#: 736950
*Tmbg Tumble Green  -  XXL     IMS#: 736951
*Tmpl Tempest Purple  -  XS     IMS#: 736952
*Tmpl Tempest Purple  -  SM     IMS#: 736953
*Tmpl Tempest Purple  -  MD     IMS#: 736954
*Tmpl Tempest Purple  -  LG     IMS#: 736955
*Tmpl Tempest Purple  -  XL     IMS#: 736956
*Tmpl Tempest Purple  -  XXL     IMS#: 736957
*Flgn Folios Green  -  LG     IMS#: 706135
*Flgn Folios Green  -  XL     IMS#: 706136
*Wax Wax Red  -  XXL     IMS#: 706143
*[Blk Black]  -  XS     IMS#: 649264
*[Blk Black]  -  SM     IMS#: 649265
*[Blk Black]  -  MD     IMS#: 649266
*[Blk Black]  -  LG     IMS#: 649267
*[Blk Black]  -  XL     IMS#: 649268
*[Blk Black]  -  XXL     IMS#: 649269
*[Eto Eclectic Orange]  -  MD     IMS#: 649272
*[Eto Eclectic Orange]  -  LG     IMS#: 649273
*[Eto Eclectic Orange]  -  XL     IMS#: 649274
*[Eto Eclectic Orange]  -  XXL     IMS#: 649275
*[Fge Forge Grey]  -  XS     IMS#: 649276
*[Fge Forge Grey]  -  SM     IMS#: 649277
*[Fge Forge Grey]  -  MD     IMS#: 649278
*[Fge Forge Grey]  -  LG     IMS#: 649279
*[Fge Forge Grey]  -  XL     IMS#: 649280
*[Fge Forge Grey]  -  XXL     IMS#: 649281
*[Gny Graphite Navy]  -  XS     IMS#: 649282
*[Gny Graphite Navy]  -  SM     IMS#: 649283
*[Gny Graphite Navy]  -  MD     IMS#: 649284
*[Gny Graphite Navy]  -  XL     IMS#: 649286
*[Gny Graphite Navy]  -  XXL     IMS#: 649287
*[Pur Purple]  -  SM     IMS#: 649289
*[Pur Purple]  -  MD     IMS#: 649290
*[Pur Purple]  -  LG     IMS#: 649291
*[Pur Purple]  -  XL     IMS#: 649292
*[Pur Purple]  -  XXL     IMS#: 649293
*[Sdb Suede Brown]  -  LG     IMS#: 649297
*[Sdb Suede Brown]  -  XL     IMS#: 649298
*[Sdb Suede Brown]  -  XXL     IMS#: 649299
*[Vik Viking Blue]  -  SM     IMS#: 649301

* May take 2 business days before shipping.

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