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*Black  -  XS     IMS#: 596997
*Black  -  SM     IMS#: 596998
*Black  -  MD     IMS#: 596999
*Black  -  LG     IMS#: 597000
*Black  -  XL     IMS#: 597001
*Black  -  XXL     IMS#: 597002
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XL     IMS#: 745267
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XXL     IMS#: 745268
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XS     IMS#: 745269
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  SM     IMS#: 745270

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Color: Black


Color: Cny Classic Navy

Cny Classic Navy

Color: Cocr Cochineal Red

Cocr Cochineal Red

Color: Cpor Copper Ore

Cpor Copper Ore

Color: Dill


Color: El Cap Khaki Elkh

El Cap Khaki Elkh

Color: Forge Grey

Forge Grey

Color: Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey

Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey

Color: Glsb Glass Blue

Glsb Glass Blue

Color: Mlcg Malachite Green

Mlcg Malachite Green

Color: Smkg Smoked Green

Smkg Smoked Green

Color: Suede Brown

Suede Brown

Color: Tidal Teal

Tidal Teal

Color: Wax Red

Wax Red

Caption: Front View (Nickel)

Front View (Nickel)

Caption: Back View (Nickel)

Back View (Nickel)

Caption: Interior View (Nickel)

Interior View (Nickel)


Whether your are journeying by motorcycle or taking in a breezy summit, the Patagonia Adze Jacket is exactly what you need to take on the wind. Made with Polartec® Windbloc®, the microfleece lined neck and windflap provide warmth and comfort while the body fabric keeps the wind chill at bay.


  • Regular Fit
  • Polartec® Windbloc® stretch-woven polyester shell with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish
  • Microfleece-lined neck and wind flap for next-to-skin comfort
  • Two reverse-coil zippered handwarmer pockets and one internal zippered chest pocket
  • Low-profile gusseted cuffs create a tight wrist seal
  • Drawcord hem seals out drafts, seals in heat
  • Made in Nicaragua.


Weight:1 lb 6.5 oz
Material:9-oz Polartec® Windbloc® 93% polyester/7% spandex, with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish

Available SKUs

*Black  -  XS     IMS#: 596997
*Black  -  SM     IMS#: 596998
*Black  -  MD     IMS#: 596999
*Black  -  LG     IMS#: 597000
*Black  -  XL     IMS#: 597001
*Black  -  XXL     IMS#: 597002
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XL     IMS#: 745267
*Cny Classic Navy  -  XXL     IMS#: 745268
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XS     IMS#: 745269
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  SM     IMS#: 745270
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  MD     IMS#: 745271
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  LG     IMS#: 745272
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XL     IMS#: 745273
*Cocr Cochineal Red  -  XXL     IMS#: 745274
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  XS     IMS#: 745275
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  SM     IMS#: 745276
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  MD     IMS#: 745277
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  LG     IMS#: 745278
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  XL     IMS#: 745279
*Cpor Copper Ore  -  XXL     IMS#: 745280
*Dill  -  LG     IMS#: 597006
*El Cap Khaki Elkh  -  SM     IMS#: 681943
El Cap Khaki Elkh  -  MD     IMS#: 681944
El Cap Khaki Elkh  -  LG     IMS#: 681945
El Cap Khaki Elkh  -  XL     IMS#: 681946
*El Cap Khaki Elkh  -  XXL     IMS#: 681947
*Forge Grey  -  XS     IMS#: 597009
*Forge Grey  -  SM     IMS#: 597010
*Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey  -  XS     IMS#: 745281
*Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey  -  SM     IMS#: 745282
*Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey  -  MD     IMS#: 745283
*Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey  -  LG     IMS#: 745284
*Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey  -  XL     IMS#: 745285
*Fyf Forge Grey W/Feather Grey  -  XXL     IMS#: 745286
*Glsb Glass Blue  -  XS     IMS#: 713490
*Glsb Glass Blue  -  SM     IMS#: 713491
*Glsb Glass Blue  -  MD     IMS#: 713492
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  XS     IMS#: 745287
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  MD     IMS#: 745289
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  LG     IMS#: 745290
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  XL     IMS#: 745291
*Mlcg Malachite Green  -  XXL     IMS#: 745292
*Smkg Smoked Green  -  XS     IMS#: 713496
*Smkg Smoked Green  -  SM     IMS#: 713497
*Smkg Smoked Green  -  MD     IMS#: 713498
*Suede Brown  -  XS     IMS#: 651950
*Tidal Teal  -  XL     IMS#: 651960
*Wax Red  -  XS     IMS#: 651968
*Wax Red  -  MD     IMS#: 651970
*Wax Red  -  LG     IMS#: 651971
*Wax Red  -  XL     IMS#: 651972
*Wax Red  -  XXL     IMS#: 651973

* May take 2 business days before shipping.

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