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Sorry but we are currently out of stock on this item. Feel free to call us at 1-800-499-8696 and we can try to find you an alternative item.

Sorry but we are currently out of stock on this item. Feel free to call us at 1-800-499-8696 and we can try to find you an alternative item.


The Accelerator Pro from Tech4o is a happy medium between wrist-top computer and fitness watch. Not only do you get the basics: dual-time/date/day, alarms, backlight, and chronograph; you also get a pedometer and heart rate monitor. The pedometer function can distinguish between when you are walking and when you are running, while the heart rate monitor has coded technology that prevents interference from other watches or exercise equipment. Get the most out of your watch!


  • Fully adjustable personal profile lets you enter your height, weight, walking stride, and running stride and update them as your conditioning improves
  • The Speed & Distance mode tracks your speed (current / average / maximum), distance, pace (min / mile), calorie burn, steps, exercise / moving time, fully adjustable personal profile, 10-day memory
  • Heart rate measurement is coded (2.4 GHz transfer speed insures unit doesn't interefere with other monitors or equipment) and has a zone alert (on / off selectable), includes audible and visual indication for when you're out of the heart rate limit, keeps heart rate statistics (average, minimum, maximum), has an in-zone timer, and features two heart rate training zones: a fitness zone (65% - 85% of estimated maximum heart rate) and a user-defined zone (personalized to your goals)
  • In User Mode, you get 3 rows of information that you select from the following options: Time / Exercise Time / Moving Time / Speed / Max Speed / Average Speed / Pace / Distance / Odometer / Steps / In-zone Timer / Heart Rate / Max Heart Rate / Minimum Heart Rate / Average Heart Rate / Calories Burned
  • Logbook lets you keep up to 7,545 records and has 12 selectable logging rates
  • Time mode gives you the time, date, and day in 12 / 24 hour format, and offers dual time, 2 Daily or Weekly Alarms , 50 Lap Chronograph that recalls lap time and total time, and a coundown timer
  • Backlight is handy so you can check the time or your pace at night
  • Low battery indicator lets you know when to change out your battery so your watch doesn't fail in the middle of your workout
  • Adjustable LCD levels, Key tone on / off, power save mode


Battery Type:CR2032
Water resistance:300 ft (100 m)
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