Therm-a-Rest®: LuxuryLite® Cot Warmer

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Everglade  -  REG     IMS#: 664512
Everglade  -  LG     IMS#: 664513
Everglade  -  XL     IMS#: 664514
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Color: Everglade


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Alternate View


Featuring ThermaCapture™ Radiant Heat Technology, the LuxuryLite® Cot Warmer increases the temperature performance of your cot by 10-15 degrees, taking your cot from 1- to 3- season warmth. The thermal reflective lining captures your body's heat and efficiently adds warmth with virtually no added weight or bulk. The light-weight and packable Cot Warmer easily attaches to the underside of your cot with six elasticized hooks.


  • Increases temperature performance by +10-15 degrees
  • Attaches to underside of cot with elasticized hooks
  • Made in Seattle, WA, USA


Dimensions:REG: 21 x 72 in
L: 22.5 x 78 in
XL: 28.5 x 78 in
Weight:REG: 2.6 oz/ 75 g
L: 3.0 oz/ 82 g
XL: 3.2 oz/ 90 g
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