Wetterlings: Les Stroud Bushman Axe

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The Bushman Axe is the result of a collaboration between the Swedish axe company, Wetterlings, and survivorman Les Stroud. Having had many adventures and travels in the wilderness, Stroud jumped at the chance to partner with the legendary, high quality company, designing the Bushman according to his own desires of craftsmanship, aesthetics, and functionality, yielding a beautiful, handmade wooden axe.

A Wetterlings is slowly forged by hand in a hammer forge press. This is a task that demands patience and time and is totally dependent on the skill of the blacksmith. The result is an axe that is both strong and sharp.

Most of the axe handles are turned by Wetterlings using brown heartwood of American hickory. This wood has the impact-resistance and strength expected of an axe handle.

Every detail of a handforged Wetterlings is considered carefully. A Wetterlings is a quality tool that will serve its owner in the best possible way and keep year after year.


  • Handmade in Sweden


Weight:2.55 lb
Handle Length:22 in
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