U.S.G.S.: Humphrey's Peak, AZ - 7.5' Topo

An image of Humphrey's Peak, AZ - 7.5' Topo
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Caption: Main Photo

Main Photo

Caption: Adjoining Quadrangles

Adjoining Quadrangles


Coconino County


  • 1966
  • Scale: 1:24,000
  • Polyconic Projection. 1927 North American datum 10,000-foot grid based on Arizona coordinate system, central zone 1000-meter Universal Transverse Mercator grid ticks, zone 12, shown in blue
  • To place on the predicted North American Datum 1983 move the projection lines 2 meters north and 65 meters east as shown by dashed corner ticks
  • Image is for illustration purposes only, actual map will appear different
  • ***If you do not see the map you are looking for please contact our friendly staff at 1-800-499-8689.***
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