Wild Republic: Gray Squirrel With Sound

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6"      IMS#: 605884


Plush Grey Squirrel with real sound

Squirrels are very common mammals that love forested areas containing a variety of live trees. They prefer to make their dens in hollow trees, but will also build nests from twigs and leaves. They love playing tag with each other, leaping from one tree to another. Most squirrels have a bushy tail that they use as a shield when fighting, a blanket in the cold and even an umbrella in the rain. Along with nuts and acorns, squirrels commonly eat grapes, grasses and insects.


  • Eastern Gray Squirrel with sound
  • Recorded in 3/28/62 in Miami, Florida - Sound of a squirrel alarm scold
  • For ages 3 years old and up


Size:6 inches
Material:Polyester fibers
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