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Auto Igniter

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Manual In Use

Caption: Auto Igniter In Use

Auto Igniter In Use


The Gigapower Stove is an ultralight stove that easily fits in your pocket, saving you space and weight while on your trip.

Auto Ignitor: Has a built-in Piezo igniter that sends out a spark to light the stove instantly.

Manual: The manual version is preferred by those less concerned with automatic ignition.


  • Collapsible leg design allows you to fit the stove in a small plastic carrying case the size of your fist.
  • Auto Ignitor has a built-in Piezo igniter that sends out a spark to light the stove instantly.
  • Performs well in cold temperatures and at higher elevations.
  • Can be reduced to a true simmer for actual cooking, not just boiling water.
  • Four legs fold out to provide optimal support for larger cooking pots.
  • This appliance shall only be used with the Giga Power GP-110G/ GP-250G/ GP-500G/ GP-110S/ GP-250S/ GP-500S cartridges filled with butane/propane mix at vapor pressure.
  • Fuel Canister sold separately.
  • Use outdoors only or in well ventilated areas
  • Read instructions before use
  • WARNING: do not use this stove with a wrap-around wind screens as this is extremely dangerous.


Materials:Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
Dimensions:Open: 4.2 (diameter) x 2.6 (height) in.
Case: 1 ¾ x 2 x 3 ½ in.
Output:10,000 BTU's
Boil Time:4 min. 48 sec. / 1 liter
Burn Time:110 gram fuel: 50 min. on high, 250 gram fuel: 85 min. on high, 500 gram fuel: 190 min.
Fuel Type:Gas Canister (Giga Power Fuel, GP-110G/ GP-250G/ GP-500G/ GP-110S/ GP-250S/ GP-500S)
Weight:3.75 oz
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