Ultimate Direction: Fastdraw 20 Extreme

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Acid/Black      IMS#: 666224
Teal      IMS#: 666225

Color: Acid/Black


Color: Teal



Cold and refreshing on a scourching desert training run? It's not a mirage, it's the Fastdraw 20 Extreme. The NeoMesh band that wraps around the bottle stops the runner's body heat from warming up the liquids inside, while protecting their hands from getting ice cold.


  • Cool Wick Air Mesh strap is soft to the touch, breathable, and wicks moisture
  • Soft and thin chafe-free edge binding
  • Large pocket fits most smart phones with lifeproof cases
  • NeoMesh insulates and is more breathable than Neoprene


Capacity:20 cubic inches/ 0.325 L
Fluid Capacity:20 oz/ 0.6 L
Materials:Cool Wick Air Mesh/ NeoMesh/ 150D Irregular Rip Stop/ Power Stretch Mesh
Weight:4.5 oz/ 125 g
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