Dermatone: Dermatone Zinc Oxide

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SPF 30  -  .5 Z     IMS#: 374399


This break-through product was developed to help meet the needs of those with sensitive skin and those who are concerned about skin cancer-causing UVA rays. The SPF 30 was achieved by using Z-CoteĀ® Transparent Zinc Oxide plus existing, proven sunscreens. Experts consider Zinc Oxide to be the most effective sunscreen against cancer-causing UVA rays. For centuries, it has been used to protect and soothe the skin. Classified by the FDA as a "Skin Protectant," it prevents chapping, cracking, and windburn.


  • After extensive testing and trials, this product was selected to be the standard issue for the Navy Seals.
  • Stays on the skin all day.
  • Optimal for water sports.
  • Z-Cote® is a registered trademark of BASF.
  • SPF 30
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