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Steep climbs, brutal headwinds, gravity that won’t quit… there’s a lot your body can go through in a day. Enter CIF SHOT® Protein Recovery, designed not only to be delicious and refreshing but also to provide just what tired muscles need to be ready to do it all over again – high quality proteins, multiple sources of carbohydrates, and a key electrolyte: sodium. Reward yourself and start to rebuild with CLIF SHOT® Protein Recovery. - Gary, Founder and Owner of Clif Bar & Company


  • 70% Organic
  • 10 g of Protein
  • Restore muscle glycogen with multiple sources of carbohydrates
  • Replenish sodium, the electrolyte lost most in sweat
  • Rebuild muscle with 2 types of high-quality protein
  • Mix 2 1/2 scoops from 10 Serving Pouch/ entire contents of Single Serving packet in 8 oz of water, milk, or smoothie and drink within 30 minutes of finishing activity. Drink an additional 8 oz serving after a challenging workout or race.


Net Weight:10 Serving Pouch: 16.6 oz/ 472 g
Single Serving Packet: 1.7 oz (47 g)
Servings Per Container:10 Serving Pouch: Makes 10 - 8 oz servings
Single Serving Packet: Makes 1 serving
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