Black Diamond: Bugaboo

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Our Price: $12.95 to $13.95

[$13.95] - Long Medium  -  6.0     IMS#: 14226
[$12.95] - Long Thin  -  4.0     IMS#: 14224
[$13.95] - Short Medium  -  5.0     IMS#: 14225
[$12.95] - Short Thin  -  3.0     IMS#: 14223
  • Black Diamond products are not available for shipment outside the United States.


Knifeblades and Bugaboos are designed for shallower cracks. Both are bent and precision ground for a plethora of possible thin crack placements. Bugaboos are a slightly beefy-er version of the Knifeblades. They both have ground tapered blades resulting in a consistent blade shape which is optimum for both strength and holding power.


  • Good size for thin cracks.
  • Varied thickness provides optimal fit.
  • Ground tapered blade offers strength and holding power.
  • **Read all directions and safety material before use.**
  • ***This product is not available for overseas shipment. If you have any questions please contact our friendly staff at 800-499-8696.***
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