Lewis N. Clark®: Bed Bug Luggage Spray

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    IMS#: 505720


Bed Bug Patrol Travel and Luggage Spray from Lewis N. Clark® prevents bed bugs from hitching a ride home with you. Bed bugs can be found in even the cleanest hotel rooms, resorts, and homes. Protect yourself by spraying hotel beds, luggage, and dressers with this highly effective, all-natural solution. Made from organic clove and peppermint oils, it kills bed bugs on contact, preventing them from creeping into your clothes and traveling back with you to infest your home. The non-staining formula is child and pet-safe, chemical-free, has a pleasant scent, and is effective on active bed bugs, as well as eggs and larva.


  • Kills & Repels Bed Bugs Instantly
  • Pet Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Convenient Travel Size


Net Content:3 fl oz
Active ingredient:0.003 Clove essential oil, 1% peppermint essential oil, sodium lauryl sulfate. Inerts: Citric acid, glycerin, oleic acid, water.
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