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Of all the animals in North America, none commands as much respect, interest, awe, and fear as the bear. Endowed by nature with incredible size, speed, intelligence, and power, bears in the 21st century now compete for survival with the only other animals that can threaten their existence: Humans. Bear Attacks, first published by Lyons & Burford, in 1985 and now thoroughly revised and updated, is the classic, authoritative, and unflinching study of attacks on humans by the mighty grizzly and the normally less aggressive, but sometimes deadly, black bear. This book is for everyone who camps, hikes, or visits bear country -and for anyone who wants to learn more about these fearsome but always fascinating wild creatures.

About the Author: Stephen Herrero is a professor at the University of Calgary. He is recognized throughout the world as a leading authority on bears.


  • Revised, updated, and with a new introduction by the author
  • Bear Attacks is a thorough and unflinching landmark study of the attacks made on men and women by the great grizzly and the occasionally deadly black bear. This is a book for everyone who hikes, camps, or visits bear country – and for anyone who wants to know more about these sometimes fearsome but always fascinating wild creatures.
  • Addressed in this book:
  • What causes bear attacks?
  • When should you play dead and when should you fight an attacking bear?
  • What do we know about black and grizzly bears and how can this knowledge be used to avoid bear attacks?
  • And, more generally, what is the bear's future?


Paperback:304 pages
Date Published:May 1, 2002
Dimensions:6.2 x 0.8 x 9.1 inches
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