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This book is bursting with stunning images, fascinating facts, and remarkable illustrations that show kids how to track over 400 animals from around the world. You'll discover new clues on every page - including prints, feeding signs, hiding places and droppings - that will help you identify animals from bugs to birds, and cats to elephants.

This supurbly illustrated, full-color hardcover encyclopedia looks at the tracks and signs left by over 400 animals, from top predators to animals in your backyard. Fidn out what to look for when tracking your favorite beasts: footprints, droppings and pellets, animal homes, feeding signs, and other signs of specific behavior.

This book belongs in the library of any reader interested in animal science, and the art of tracking them. Tracking expertise is essential for scientists, researchers, and filmmakers to carry out their work, and this book will give readers an idea of the sheer variety of tracks and trails left by animals, as well as all the other signs of their presence—the nests and dens they make, their droppings and pellets, and more.


  • Author: Jinny Johnson


Reading Level:10+
Hardcover:192 pages
Date Published:September 5, 2011
Dimensions:11 x 8.6 x 0.9 in
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