Spenco: Adhesive Knit

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    IMS#: 9653


2nd Skin® Adhesive Knit helps to prevent blisters by inhibiting skin pressure, rubbing, and chafing. Adhesive Knit can be used anywhere on the body where friction occurs. Adhesive Knit is made from a highly breathable, medical grade, non-woven fabric with the ability to stretch, conform, and fit securely against the skin. It’s also ideal to hold 2nd Skin® Moist Pads in place.


  • Medical grade adhesive
  • Flexible
  • Non-irritant
  • Instructions:
  • 1.Cut Adhesive Knit to desired size and shape
  • 2.Make sure skin is dry and grease-free before applying
  • 3.Remove backing and apply to skin
  • 4.After use, alcohol or baby oil may be used to dissolve adhesive residue
  • *Not to be used on open wounds


Includes:6 - 3 x 5 inche adhesive knit sheets
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