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Our Price: $3.99 to $7.99

[$3.99] - Americas / Japan - Ungrounded      IMS#: 78093
[$7.99] - Americas / Japan - Grounded      IMS#: 458982
[$3.99] - Australia / China - Ungrounded      IMS#: 458980
[$3.99] - Europre / Asia - Ungrounded      IMS#: 78074
[$7.99] - Europe / Asia - Grounded      IMS#: 78098
[$6.99] - Great Britain / Africa - Ungrounded      IMS#: 78075
[$7.99] - India / South Africa - Grounded      IMS#: 458983
[$7.99] - Italy - Grounded      IMS#: 78077


Adapter Plugs from Lewis N. Clark® allow you to plug into most overseas outlets so you can charge your electronics. When dealing with a different wattage, these plugs work great with a converter so you can avoid frying your MP3 player, camera, or phone.


  • ***NOTE: Some countries use more than one type of outlet configuration. It is always best to check with your travel agent, consulate or hotel for the most accurate information regarding the electricity and outlet configuration of your destination. ***
  • ***IMPORTANT: Adapter plugs allow travel appliances to fit into foreign outlets. They do not convert electricity. ***
  • ***If you have any questions about which adapter plugs to take on your trip, please feel free to call our friendly staff at 1-800-499-8696 for assistance.***
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