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Sorry but we are currently out of stock on this item. Feel free to call us at 1-800-499-8696 and we can try to find you an alternative item.

Sorry but we are currently out of stock on this item. Feel free to call us at 1-800-499-8696 and we can try to find you an alternative item.


Designed for the Tikka® 2 and Zipka® 2 line of headlamps, the Accu CORE Battery from Petzl® has an edge over regular batteries: easy to insert, this battery can be recharged using any standard USB charger. Lithium Ion Polymer technology enables the battery (and your Petzl® Tikka® 2 or Zipka® 2 headlamp) to perform great---even at low temperatures! Use Petzl®'s OS software to customize the battery usage for your activities for even better performance on the trail, in a cave, or wherever else you go!


  • Compatible with the entire Tikka®2 and Zipka®2 line of headlamps
  • Battery life is equivalent to that of more than 900 type LR03/AAA batteries: the CORE battery recharges up to 300 times (beyond that, its capacity is approximately 30% lower than its initial capacity)
  • Compatible with all standard USB chargers (cell phone charger, multimedia device, cigar lighter, solar panel, portable energy source, computer, etc.)
  • OS by Petzl® software personalizes the functioning of the headlamp according to the needs or the type of activity. This software is used to determine the type of lighting: when regulated, the light intensity remains constant during use; unregulated, it deminishes progressively to optimize battery life. It then becomes possible to adjust, in a very intuitive way and with only a few clicks, the battery life or the lighting level (maximum or economic mode) as needed.
  • Exclusive mounting system allows the battery to be integrated directly into the Tikka® 2 and Zipka® 2
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures, thanks to Lithium Ion Polymer technology
  • When in use, the battery will indicate how much charge you have left (3 lit LEDs mean you have 75% or more charge of the battery; if the charge is between 50 and 75%, only 2 LEDs will be lit; a single LED will light if the charge is between 25 and 50%; if the charge is less than 25%, no LEDs will light)
  • Battery charge indicator light is color coded to let you know how much of a charge it has acquired as you charge it (Constant green LEDs indicate 100% charge; blinking green LEDs mean a charge of 66-100%; blinking orange LEDs suggest 33-66% charge; blinking red LEDs indicate less than 33% charge of the battery)
  • 30cm USB «micro B» type cable is included
  • Recharge time is 3 hours
  • Recharges up to 300 times at optimal capacity


Weight:1.06 oz
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