Imlay Canyon Gear: 8mm x 300 ft Canyon Rope

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Our Price: $149.99 to $225.00

[$149.99] - 200 Feet - W/P      IMS#: 716079
[$149.99] - 200 Feet - White W Purple      IMS#: 736196
[$225.00] - 300 Feet - R&Y/W      IMS#: 505598
[$225.00] - 300 Feet - White W Purple      IMS#: 736197
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Color: 300 Feet - R&Y/W

300 Feet - R&Y/W

Caption: Close up

Close up


The Imlay Canyon Gear 8mm Canyon Rope is lightweight, for when your canyon adventure is far from the road, and low bulk and low weight are high priorities. Best for lower-weight, high-skill-level canyoneers in Class A and B canyons. Not recommended for Class C (flowing water) canyons, nor for canyoneers over 14 stone.

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  • For experts and moderate use
  • 100% Polyester core and sheath to insure minimum shrinkage because polyester is non-absorbant and does not become soft in water


Strength:3,900 lb
Weight:3 lb 5.5 oz per 100 ft
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