Tucson Mountains Santa Rita Mountains Rincon Mountains Catalina Mountains

Local Mountain Ranges

Our Trail Talk blog offers tremendous information on products, trips and trails. The following offers a breakdown of great hikes in the Tucson area by mountain range:

Catalina Mountains - Bordering Tucson to the north, the Catalinas offer the most trails and, for most, the easiest access. Ranging from Catalina State Park to the west, to Mount Lemmon at 9,157 feet, there is tremendous year-round hiking.

Rincon Moutains - The Rincons run along the eastern edge of Tucson and include the east side of Saguaro National Park. The Rincons have two popular summit hikes - Mica Mountain at 8,664 feet and Rincon Peak at 8,482.

Santa Rita Mountains - A few miles south of Tucson, the Santa Ritas rise up to a beautiful summit at the top of Mount Wrightson. At 9,453 feet it is the highest point in the region. The mountain range offers spectacular hiking and is also very popular for birding.

Tucson Mountains - The Tucson Mountains rise to the west of Tucson. Most of the Tucson Mountains falls into Saguaro National Park. The summits in this range are much lower, topping out at Wasson Peak (4,687 feet), and are very well suited for winter hiking. If hiking in the Tucson Mountains durring the hot summer months, get an early start and bring a lot of water!

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