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MapSource WorldMap CD-ROM

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MapSource WorldMap CD-ROM
Product Information


MapSource makes it easy to enhance the basemap of your compatible GPS unit. WorldMap provides basic worldwide map detail that includes political boundaries, cities, towns, major motorways, railroads, highways, lakes, rivers and coastline detail. MapSource WorldMap is generally recommended only if no other detailed maps are available for the area of interest. You can also use MapSource to create routes and waypoints on your PC and transfer them to your GPS.


  • Trip and waypoint management functions
  • Political boundaries, cities, towns, major motorways and/or interstates, and principal highways; lakes, major streams, and rivers; and urban areas and railroads
  • Coastline detail which includes many offshore islands, as well as worldwide nautical navaids such as daybeacons, radiobeacons, RACONs, fog signals, lights, buoys, and other navaids
  • U.S. Interstate Exits Information, such as service stations, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campsites, hospitals, banks, and more
  • **These functions of this product work with nearly all GarminĀ® GPS units, excluding the GPS100 family and panel mount aviation units
  • Compatible with: Astro, Colorado 300, Colorado 400c, Colorado 400i, Colorado 400t, Edge 605, Edge 705, eMap, eTrex Legend HCx, eTrex Camo, eTrex Legend, eTrex Legend C, eTrex Legend Cx, eTrex Summit HC, eTrex Venture Cx, eTrex Vista, eTrex Vista HCx, eTrex Vista C, eTrex Vista Cx, Fishfinder 100, Geko 201, GPS 120, GPS 120XL, GPS 125 Sounder, GPS 126, GPS 12MAP, GPS 89, GPS 90, GPS 92, GPS II, GPS III Pilot, GPS III Plus, GPS V, GPSCOM 170, GPSCOM 190, GPSMAP 135 Sounder, GPSMAP 162, GPSMAP 168 Sounder, GPSMAP 172, GPSMAP 176, GPSMAP 176C, GPSMAP 182/182C, GPSMAP 185 Sounder, GPSMAP 188/188C Sounder, GPSMAP 195, GPSMAP 196, GPSMAP 2006/2006C, GPSMAP 2010/2010C, GPSMAP 215, GPSMAP 225, GPSMAP 232, GPSMAP 235 Sounder, GPSMAP 238 Sounder, GPSMAP 276C, GPSMAP 295, GPSMAP 296, GPSMAP 376C, GPSMAP 378, GPSMAP 396, GPSMAP 478, GPSMAP 496, GPSMAP 60, GPSMAP 60C, GPSMAP 60CS, GPSMAP 60CSx, GPSMAP 60Cx, GPSMAP 76, GPSMAP 76C, GPSMAP 76CS, GPSMAP 76CSx, GPSMAP 76Cx, GPSMAP 76S, GPSMAP 96, GPSMAP 96C, iQue 3200, iQue 3600, iQue 3600a, iQue M3, iQue M4, NavTalk, NavTalk GSM, Quest, Quest 2, Rino 120, Rino 130, Rino 520, Rino 520HCx, Rino 530, Rino 530HCx, StreetPilot, StreetPilot ColorMap, StreetPilot III

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