Seal Skinz

In late 1993 after successful field trials, Danalco commenced the manufacture of SealSkinz®, the first fully waterproof sock designed for the recreational industry.

In 1997, after almost seven years in development, Danalco commenced the manufacture of waterproof gloves -- a highly durable, flexible, watertight yet comfortable glove to be used by anyone needing waterproof protection.

In January 2000, Danalco once again set the standard for waterproof protection with the launch of its WaterBlocker socks -- which have a patented in-cuff seal that helps keep feet dry even when they are submerged in water!

The latest SealSkinz® ChillBlocker® Socks and gloves in addition to being completely waterproof are fleece-lined to provide comfort in climates reaching 30 degrees below zero.

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